Can you save me time by helping in my search?


Yes!  Not only is it difficult to search each day for temporary or permanent employment, it takes a lot of time. Clipping ads, sending resumes, trying to "get through" to the person conducting interviews, driving here and there to fill out applications, only to find out the job has been filled! Not only is it frustrating, it all takes a tremendous amount of time! Especially if you are currently working! You have to arrange all these things at work, without your employer finding out! Wouldn't you rather partner with a company that has the connections to find quality interested employers in a fraction of the time it would take you?


What's the difference between signing up with you or another agency?


The difference is our employers! If you've ever tried to use a general temporary agency, you've probably spent valuable time sorting through jobs not involved with the industry and your specific talents. At ABT Temporary our employers are looking for the expertise you bring to them.


How will your referrals help?  


Our referral is your best asset!  If you ever wished you had a “friend in the business" who could recommend you to the boss for the job of your dreams. ABT is your "friend". Employers rely on ABT Temporary Services Inc. to send them qualified, highly recommended applicants. Our recommendation gives them good candidates for their needs! With your expertise and our referral, we can help your career quicker than you've ever thought possible.


Is there a charge for your services?


No, we don't charge you for our services in helping you find a better opportunity for yourself.  We do however charge our clients and that's how we stay in business so that we can help others just like you find employment.  The only thing we ask is that once you accept a job offer of any kind with our client we referred you is to let us know so that we can ensure we have thanked them property and sent then the placement fee invoice that was agreed upon with that client.  


Do you offer free resume examples to make sure my resume is top notch?


Yes!  Your resume is your first impression!  Your resume has to be up to date and it has to property reflect your experience.  It needs to be in a easy to read format and not to long or not to sort.  We have example resume formats for you to follow along with in updating your resume should it need to be.


However, if you want us to do do your resume for you we can but there is a charge for this service.  Please call for current rates and more information as if its our our busy season we may have limited time to do this for you.