Your resume is your first impression!  If you resume doesn’t stand out from the others, you won’t get picked for an interview or a chance at a second impression!  Chances are you have not had to make many resumes in your life and maybe are not sure if your resume even has the right format or wording.


Most people don’t realize that its not only about your resume – you need a cover letter, reference page and perhaps and employment and salary history page as well and don’t forget a thank you note after you an interview.  Do you know how to properly address your resume with a cover letter and exactly what you say in a thank you note after an interview?  


You not only have to be prepared for the interview but also provide prospective employers with your resume and the above documents we just mentioned.


If you are unsure that your resume is standing out or are not receiving many phone calls for interviews give us a call today to discuss our services.  Although you may not have extra money to have a professional service to help you – you may not be able to afford not to!  It’s an investment worth making for your future.


Our prices are reasonable…. We have searched and saw many companies who are charging upwards of $95.00 and that’s just for your resume!  We can provide you with not only your resume but a cover letter, reference page, salary history page and thank you note for less!

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